Replace Condensated, Failed, Broken or Damaged Glass Units and uPVC Panels

We are now able to offer a glass replacement service for Velux windows.
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There are many reasons for replacing glass sealed units and panels in your double glazing:
  • Glass has become misted up/condensated
  • Glass has cracked/broken
  • Glass has been damaged by accident e.g.stone from lawnmower
  • A Change in room use eg. changed to/new bathroom/toilet
  • Change older float glass units to newer more energy efficient Planitherm or Pilkington "K" glass units or even Argon gas filled units.
  • Panels have cracked/split 
  • Panel glass has failed or been broken - this requires a complete new panel as glass units in panels are moulded into the panel when made and these cannot be changed seperately
  • Panels have become discoloured
  • You want to change in panel design to give a door a new look
  • Someone has replaced glass and the silver spacer bar is visible in your sight line (Glass unit made too small)

Condensated, failed, broken, damaged glass units leak valuable heat energy and cost you money, even before you see the signs of condensation the breakdown in the seal starts costing you money, with energy prices constantly rising it makes sense to make sure your double glazing is working efficiently.

Our glass sealed unit replacement service allows you to cover any scenario. Whether it is a like for like replacement, a glass upgrade or a glass style/pattern change we offer a friendly and reliable service to suit your needs.
Our Engineers will visit your home and take the appropriate measurements and provide you with a quote. We will return at a time and date convenient to you (even if it is outside of "normal working hours") and replace the glass unit, this means there will be no need to take time off work or sit around all day waiting for your appointment to replace your glass unit.

To view available patterned glass designs
visit our gallery page or visit Pilkingtons here where you can click the clock in the top right to get a better idea of glass designs privacy level

To view more information on glass types and energy efficiency visit Pilkington.com

For further details on our glass replacement services or to book an appointment please use the contact us page.

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