Double glazed windows and doors are probably the biggest expenditure you will make to improve your home. While double glazing requires very little maintenance it is a myth that once installed no further action is needed. Like all moving parts the hinges, internal mechanisms, handles and locks need to be looked after to achieve a much greater working life. Poorly fitted windows and doors will become worse and worse over time. 

Regular maintenance will most definately increase lifespan and efficiency of your purchase. As with most things, problems are easily fixed if they are identified earlier rather than being left, and in turn, developing further more serious problems in the future. Most home owners are unaware that repair rather than replacement is often a much cheaper  option and a much more desirable one in the current economic climate.

Service and Inspection

 It is recommended that a full service is carried out every two years following installation. This is to identify existing problems and assess probable failings likely to occur in the future. Your windows and doors should fit well, operate smoothly and provide high security for your home. The latter is essential as broken or weak hinges and locks will make unwanted access easy. Our service involves a full inspection of each window and door on your property and includes all minor adjustments to parts immediately, plus lubrication with an industrial maintenance spray. Our engineer will identify and correct any simple faults.

A full report will indicate work completed and any further action required. This will identify where parts have limited life expectancy. We will provide a no-obligation quotation for any remedial work needed and leave it with you to decide which works you would like carried out, if any. Charges are based on the number of opening windows and doors in the property, typically around £120 for a semi-detached house. Experience tells us that by pre-empting problems you will actually save money in the long run.

Service, Repairs & Glass Replacement - Areas Covered 


Our services cover all aspects of window, door and conservatory repair and replacement. We are able to repair and maintain all modern double glazed window and door systems and only utilise quality hardware. All our replacement glass sealed units are manufactured using Pilkington or Planitherm glass which are trusted names in the industry. 

Our engineers are experienced and have expert knowledge and understanding of the products they use and the installation processes.

So if you need an instant repair, have a window or door that won’t open or close properly, are concerned about your ageing units or have glass that is cracked, give us a call or use the contact us page.

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